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Gutter Brightening Should Be Part of Home Maintenance

gutter brightening

Gutter Brightening

Gutters can often look dingy after storms and other kinds of rough weather. Dirt, leaves, and debris can cause unsightly stains on your gutters, concealing the bright factory finish and leaving them looking unappealing. Consider gutter brightening as a supplemental service along with other regular maintenance like gutter cleaning and power washing.

If the term is new to you, you might have questions about it. You might wonder what it does to your gutters and what you can expect once the professionals at Lighten Enterprise have finished the job. Lighten Enterprise wants all our clients to understand the benefits of this service, the ‘cherry on top’ of our home power washing services.

Gutter brightening is not suitable for all gutter types. However, if you have light-colored gutters with their original factory finish, we are confident that you will love this service from Lighten Enterprise. Amaze your neighbors and impress your friends by adding brightening to your power washing and gutter cleaning.

What is Gutter Brightening?

Gutter brightening is a thorough cleaning process that removes dirt and discoloration from the gutter surface to reveal the original, bright color underneath. Brightening is an add-on to gutter clearing that removes potential blockages and power washing services that remove dirt and grime from aluminum, vinyl, or wood siding. First and foremost, it enhances curb appeal.

Is Gutter Brightening The Same As Gutter Painting?

Brightening is different from gutter painting. It returns the gutters as much as possible to the shine and color they had when they were new, but it does not add paint or change the color. It works by revealing the existing brightness beneath the dirt, so it works best for light-color gutters.

If you have brown gutters, for instance, the brightening service might make them a bit shinier, but your gutters would still be brown. As such, we do not recommend gutter brightening for dark gutters because we do not want clients to be dissatisfied with the result.

Should I Paint My Gutters As An Alternative To Brightening?

The experts at Lighten Enterprise warn homeowners against painting their gutters. Newly constructed gutters have a smooth surface that allows water to flow efficiently and reduces the accumulation of stains and sediment.

If you paint your gutters, you cover up the gutter surface. Even the glossiest paint is rougher than the original finish of the gutter. The paint will catch and retain stains much more rapidly than unpainted gutters.

Even worse, once you have painted the gutters, you will not be able to brighten them. Gutter brightening cleans the metal surface of the gutters. Trying to clean painted gutters can scratch or chip the paint and worsen your home’s appearance.

If you have dark-colored gutters and want to improve the appearance of your home by changing the color of your gutters, Lighten Enterprise recommends replacing them with new ones in the desired color. The cost for gutter replacement will be higher, up to $3,000, but it is the best way to change the color of gutters.

Is Brightening The Same As Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter brightening complements traditional gutter cleaning, which you should do periodically throughout the year to prevent clogging, leaks, and other problems.

Many gutter cleaning companies scoop out clumps of leaves and other vegetation or blow out the gutters with leaf blowers. These treatments prevent water and other debris from collecting but do not usually remove stains. As a result, gutters can work fine but still look old and weather beaten.

Gutter brightening can be a time-consuming process with high labor costs. Fortunately, Lighten Enterprise developed a patented system that cleans your gutters more efficiently. By streamlining the brightening process without sacrificing quality, we can offer our brightening service as an add-on while keeping the costs low.

What Are The Main Benefits?

Brightening does not improve how the gutters function because it does not remove obstructions or change how water flows through them.

However, it can often extend the life of your gutters by removing buildup that could promote rust. The main goal of gutter brightening is to help your gutters look their best. The primary benefit is boosting your property’s curb appeal by making old gutters look new.

How Often Should I Schedule Gutter Brightening Service?

There is no specific guideline as to when you should schedule a brightening service. If you pressure-wash your home each year, it might be a good idea to add gutter brightening to the maintenance order.

Gutter brightening removes stains by washing them off the surface, which causes them to run down onto the siding. Power washing will remove those stains so that the gutters and siding look their best. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your home pressure washed after your brightening.

Can Gutter Brightening Be An Alternative To Gutter Replacement?

If you are considering replacing your gutters because they no longer look as good as they used to, gutter brightening can help you keep costs down. Instead of spending over a thousand dollars on new gutters, restore your old gutters to their former glory with brightening treatment.

Why Lighten Enterprise Should Be Your Top Choice

Lighten Enterprise uses a proprietary soft wash technique to gently deep clean your siding, gutters, and other exterior surfaces. We save our customers money by only recommending the professional services they need at the right time. Don’t spend thousands of dollars replacing your gutters when Lighten Enterprise can make them look as good as new.

Don’t worry about buyer’s remorse if you are new to gutter brightening. Give it a try with no obligation. If our service does not improve the appearance of your gutters, we will take that item off your bill.  

Our top priority at Lighten Enterprise is to keep your home looking the way you want. We maintain high standards so that our customers are completely satisfied with our work.

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