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The most trustworthy and reliable pressure washing company in the area. Call today for a fast & free estimate!

A Reliable Concrete Cleaning Company

The Pros Of Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning is the bread and butter of our pressure washing company. It is one of the most performed services, this is because concrete gets dirty than any other surface that we clean. When it comes to concrete cleaning Lighten Enterprise has a proven process that we have been using for decades to get concrete clean.

With our concrete cleaning service you can count on us to make sure that you’re driveway and sidewalks look as good as they possibly can.

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What We Clean


Retaining Walls



Gas Stations



Concrete Steps

Stamped Concrete

Driveway Cleaning That Impresses

Concrete Cleaning To Revive Old Driveways

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Your driveway gets the most dirt on it than any other exterior surface of your home. Over time your driveway will just get darker and darker. Without professional pressure washing you’re left with a huge eye sore in front of you home everyday to look at.

Deters Weed Growth  – As we clean a driveway with our surface cleaners, the high pressure finds a way to reach through the cracks and seems of your driveway and as a byproduct, removes any weeds that may be growing.

Stain Removal  – Oil is the number one stain we remove from concrete. However, it’s not the only stain we can remove from concrete. If you have a specific stain, you are wanting removed give us a call to ask about it.

Dirt Removal  – Naturally when we pressure wash a drive way all of the grit, and grime that is caked onto the surface gets removed.

lighten enterprise
The most trustworthy and reliable pressure washing company in the area. Call today for a fast & free estimate!

Oil Stain Removal and More

Our Goal Is To Make Your Driveway Look New Again

It’s time to invest in the exterior look of your home. Concrete cleaning and pressure washing services in general are such a good, justifiable way to bring the life back into the appearance of your home. We can’t tell you how often we are approached when performing concrete cleaning, and people are blown away by the difference that it makes.

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Frequently Asked Concrete Cleaning Questions

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A surface cleaner is a piece of equipment that we use in the pressure washing industry to clean large amounts flat surfaces quickly. Surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks and more.

It can, we try and assess the quality of the concrete before cleaning it. There are many factors that go into if concrete can be cleaned or not.

Most of the time, no we do not need chemicals to clean concrete. Sometimes if the concrete is very dirty or has stains in it, we may use some chemicals to get it as clean as possible.