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The most trustworthy and reliable roof washing company in the area. Call today for a fast & free estimate!

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The Solution To Black Streaks

Having your roof washed is one of the most valuable things you can do to your home.  Not just because removing those pesky black streaks makes the roof look nice, but those black streaks, and other organic matter that grows on your roof holds a lot of moisture.

Over time that moisture sitting on your roof can cause long term damage as it can get under the singles and set onto the wood panels protecting your roof.

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Roof Materials We Clean

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Soft Washing Over Pressure Washing

The Best Way To Clean Your Roof

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Roof washing is really where the professionals set themselves apart. Mainly because roof washing doesn’t require a pressure washer, it requires a soft wash system. This is a system designed just for cleaning roofs and other soft surfaces.

Asphalt Shingles  – If you’re considering having your asphalt shingle roof pressure washed, it’s important that you hire the professionals, while high pressure can work, it’s dangerous and these types of roofs should only be cleaned with a soft wash system.

Cedar Shake  – If you’re roof is covered in cedar shake shingles, it’s important that you hire a company that has experience cleaning these types of roofs. If the world of pressure washing, cleaning a roof with cedar shake is one of the most challenging tasks that exist.

Tile Roof Tile roofs are the small exception where it’s okay to use high pressure to get clean, in fact often it’s the only way to get them clean.


lighten enterprise
The most trustworthy and reliable roof washing company in the area. Call today for a fast & free estimate!

Restore Your Roof With Roof Washing

Bring Your Old Roof Back To Life

No matter what the reason is behind wanting your roof washed, Lighten Enterprise is here to make it happen. We have been safely and effectively washing roof’s for well over a decade. We truly know what it takes to get the job done right.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for roof washing, feel free to visit our contact page to request an estimate.

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Richmond KY, Frankfort KY, Berea KY, Nicholasville KY, Winchester KY, Danville KY, Ashland KY, West Liberty KY, Salyersville KY, Prestonsburg KY, MT Sterling KY, Pikeville KY, Louisa KY, Paintsville KY and surrounding cities!

Charleston WV, Huntington WV

Ironton OH, Portsmouth OH, Wheelersburg OH

Norton VA, Wise VA, Pennington Gap VA

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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions

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This depends on the roof, but no, often you shouldn’t pressure wash a roof. Roofs tend to be soft surfaces that should be soft washed and not pressure washed.

When it comes to roof tiles most of the time we will use traditional high pressure to get them clean again.

As a general rule when calculating the estimated cost to have your roof washed, if you take the square foot of you home and times that by .35 you will have a good idea of the cost.