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Tips to Improve Your Patio

tips for improving your patio

Improve Your Patio This Summer

Summer is finally here! We have sunshine and warm weather upon us which means it is time to start preparing your home for gatherings with family and friends. Patios are often the best area at any given home to relax and host gatherings and celebrations.

As a host, you are always looking for ways to improve and provide the best environment for your guests. This involves finding any tips to improve your patio. Constantly improving your patio to beautify it guarantees you are sure to host some amazing gatherings. Lighten Enterprise has spent a lot of time beautifying patios for our customers. Having the ideal outdoor entertainment area goes beyond just power washing.

Here are some great tips for improving your patio this summer:

Decorations and Lighting

When it comes to really sprucing up your patio, decorations and lighting play a big role in that. Adding decorations is a simple, yet great and affective way to improve your patio. Decorations could include potted plants, hanging plants, statues, and birdbaths. These are all simple, yet great ways to improve the aesthetic of your outdoor patio living area. Another great item is a fire pit. Fire pits are great for improving the look of your patio and providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Summertime calls for s’mores and ghost stories. Fire pits give your family a good excuse to gather around your focal sitting area. A fire pit fits perfectly with a sectional, giving you a cozy setting.

Another great option to upgrade your patio is with lighting. Lighting for your patio is crucial in regard to both decorating and from an ambiance perspective. Decorative lighting fixtures can tie your entire patio area together. For example, stringing light fixtures that stretch across from above provide adequate outdoor lighting and a unique feel. String lights give a warm and inviting feel. Another good choice for outdoor lighting fixtures includes LED lights. LED lights are often a preferred choice for outdoor lighting. LED lights can provide a brighter environment. LED light bulbs have a ton of benefits. LED bulbs save energy, and therefore money that you may have spent to replace other lightbulbs. A great tip is to set your lights on a timer! This can help save money and energy, while enjoying their glow night after night and shut off automatically!

Add Greenery

Adding Greenery helps to keep things feeling organic. Keep your outdoor area warm with natural touches! Balance the glossy surfaces with natural textures and finishes. This will give your area warmth and life. Use greenery to make it feel organic. This will help create an oasis. Greenery helps your space feel like a far away place from everyday stressors and helps you relax. Every time you step outside into your oasis, you will breathe a sigh of relief. There are tons of ways to add greenery. You can choose from freestanding, potted, and hanging. A mixture of all help to make things feel more organic and relaxed.

Outdoor Seating and Furniture

Another huge way to spruce up your patio involves furniture. There are some staple pieces of furniture that should be on every patio. However, you want to make sure you get a style that reflects the overall look you want for your patio and your personal style. A table and chair set are common, popular pieces of patio furniture. There are several varieties of table and chairs you can choose from. You can even choose between chairs and couches! You have several options between wood, plastic, metal, and wicker. When it comes to tables, you can choose from wood, glass, plastic, stone, or metal.

Having great outdoor furniture makes it even more fun to spend time outdoors. Outdoor furniture can completely change the style of your outdoor living area. When you have outdoor furniture, it makes it easier to accommodate everyone! If you already have deck furniture, be sure that it is clean! While outdoor furniture is designed to be durable, it still gets messy! Be sure to clean it! Take a hose and scrub brush to the furniture! If there are cushions, remove those and wash them! Clean deck furniture will make you and your guests even more comfortable! It is no secret that people gravitate toward spaces that are inviting them to sit and stay awhile. You can use patio furniture to create purposeful areas such as a lounge area, bar, outdoor kitchen, or dining area.

Break Out the Grill

The next step to get your deck ready for summer enjoyment is to prepare the grill! If you haven’t already brought the grill out, now is the time to get it cleaned up. If you do not clean your grill after every use, buildup from the food you cook can gather and create bacteria. Start the grill up and heat for about 30 minutes to shake off any buildup. After it’s finished heating up, turn the grill off and take a wired rill brush to it to remove any debris. After this your grill is ready to go! Enjoy your grill this summer! You can’t beat the taste of grilled food. A grill is a good excuse to be outside and enjoy your patio.

Patio Pressure Washing

While all of these tips help improve your patio, power washing really brings new life to your patio. However, you want to avoid the risk of damaging your patio and anything on it. Because of this, we recommend hiring a professional to do the work. Hiring your local power washing company to perform your patio cleaning services is the best route! We are fully equipped with the technology, knowledge, and experience to do the job well! We have safe, proven processes that work! We ensure our customers are always satisfied. We ensure that everything is up to your standards when we pressure wash a patio.

Here at Lighten Enterprise, we offer the following pressure washing services:

  • Concrete patio power washing
  • Stamped concrete
  • Brick patio power washing
  • Power washing pavers

Another benefit of hiring Lighten Enterprise for pressure washing Lexington is that we help promote a healthy environment. As we wash away dirt and grime, we will improve the health and appearance of your patio. To avoid breathing problems, you should consider choosing us. We will get rid of mold and mildew which are responsible for inhibiting the air quality.

Similarly, oil and grime on your patio could prove hazardous as they would lead to people slipping and falling. When you hire us, you get to choose a company that is committed to providing a safe environment to its clients. We thoroughly clean the premises so that nobody encounters any safety issues. Our technicians know how to promote safety.

When you hire a pressure washing service, you get to save time and money. It is a whole lot easier to hire the service than to wash each surface by hand. As we are a professional company, we possess advanced equipment for getting the job done right the first time around. Our team does not rent any equipment and knows the ropes to ensure that you benefit from the best service. Therefore, you will get to save time and money. Although you might think that power washing is an easy task, you cannot use pressured water if you do not know the right technique. It would only cause damage to the property.

Moreover, you cannot ask your employees to perform pressure washing as they are unlikely to have the expertise needed to get the job done. It is in your best interests to opt for a professional company. We provide a cost-effective service that you can rely on. In fact, we will get the job done in record time. You will be amazed by just how quick we are at what we do. Satisfying our clients is most important to us. Hence, we are here to provide a fantastic service.

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